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A confined Madeinkamerun

One of the challenges that the Madeinkamerun adventure continuously poses is the organisation et the management of our activity, given the fact that our team is dispatched on 3 continents.

Just as everybody and every company, we were hit big time by the COVID-19 pandemic. Late 2019, we announced on Instagram and WhatsApp that our renewed website was about to be published on the URL they had been accustomed to these past few years: We were shooting for late January 2020 as an official release date. Inès had the communication plan all set up for this.

Unfortunately things would not play out as we mapped them out. Aside of our own internal delays, the coronavirus arrived in all of our lives and became the primary focus for all of collaborators. Doubt and worry became a part of our constant thoughts and they still are to this day.

There were delivery delays to deal with. Our main collaborator-artist was stuck in his village for more than a month because of the national quarantine. Hence, it made it impossible for us to move on with the manufacturing and the quality control on our essential bracelets. Also, with countries on complete lockdown, we couldn't restock our ephemeral pieces either.

There were illnesses to deal with. Some essential collaborators suffered from the virus. Obviously, business completely took a step back at that point. The health of the people who are a part of our family was the only think we thought about. We are the lucky ones who for now can say they haven't had somebody real close who died from Coronavirus. But we all know somebody who passed during this health crisis.

So we needed to be more creative. We needed to find resources and different means of communication so we could still entertain the "Mik Family" community, let them know that we were still here and still working hard. Confinement made us open up new communication avenues internally, and also with you, the supporters, the followers. Within these two months we rebranded Madeinkamerun on Instagram, revamped our Facebook page, opened up Snapchat and Tik Tok accounts. We tried several website homepages. we tested, validated, filled and published said website. We are now able to proudly present it to you guys, not without anticipating your reaction and being excited about the feedback you'll make.

Despite the worries and psychosis created by the virus, despite our nervous influx clearly focused on health, preservation of our loved ones, and the development of the new habits we are all going to need on a daily basis, we can say today that we managed to make the confinement period one of the most productive in the history of Madeinkamerun till day. With perseverance and, some would say, a bit of stubbornness, thanks to our vision that remained unchanged despite the world shaking on its foundations, but more importantly thanks to the unaltered support from the people who follow and encourage us in this adventure, we are very proud and happy to have moved forward and to offer you today's Madeinkamerun.

Stay tuned and be sure to catch what comes next.

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