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Black Lives Matter:The fight that we are tired of waging

It is pretty crazy to think that in 2020 we are still chanting "Black Lives Matter" around us. And yet, in recent weeks, this phrase has been repeated many times. Whether during demonstrations, black squares on social networks or endless debates on television, Black Lives Matter is what we have been hearing all day long for almost a month now.

Last May 25th, the internet was again holding its breath in front of the video of George Floyd's death. Apparently, this was one time too many. For the next day, voices were heard from all over the world shouting out the astonishment and terror of those few seconds on the screen when another black man died under the weight of the American police.

Since that day, nothing has ever been the same. Emotions, fright, tears, anger, are some of the feelings that have been on the web since that day. While America has since lived to the rhythm of protest, the rest of us have learned to live to the rhythm of demands.

We are all concerned

George Floyd is not the first black man to die in an altercation with the American police. And, sadly, it won't be the last time we'll see a black / colored person (I hate that expression) being brutalized by the police, or killed in cold blood because of the color of their skin.

As a human being, as a woman, black, African, living in America for almost four years, this period is extremely difficult to go through. Far from the Corona and the slowing down of things in the world, it is inconceivable for me to remain blind to this kind of injustice. Moreover, I am the only woman in a sibling group of 4, and to imagine my brothers screaming for help under the weight of several policemen breaks my heart.

And yet, the mothers, sisters, wives, grandmothers, ... of thousands of black men have to face this situation every day and pray that they come back to them in their entirety when they cross the threshold of the door every morning to go to work, to school, to run errands, etc. It should not happen again, yet we continue to undergo treatments like this because of the color of our skin.

As a brand, we had to quickly find the balance between our personal feelings, our placement as an entity, but also the tone to use to get our message across to the Madeinkamerun community.

The first days were the hardest. Digital paralysis prevented us from posting anything. We were torn between appearing insensitive by continuing to post stuff about only Madeinkamerun and its products, and not posting at all!

In the end, we decided to assume our point of view on the matter. We are against all forms of racism and we claim to be treated like the human beings that we are, we claim as a brand that our content and products are valued just as much as non-black brands, that our products and craftsmen are remunerated in the same way as others, but also and above all that our culture, the basis of our brand, is appreciated at its true value.

Beyond the Black Lives Matter slogan and its renewed popularity, all we want is balance, a balance we should not have been fighting for for centuries.

Inès for Madeinkamerun

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